6 Reasons Ex Sex Isn’t The Best Sex

young couple in bed

Sex with an ex is like putting on our favorite outfit. We already know how it fits and we feel amazing in it! A comfort level already exists and there’s no awkwardness of the newness of sex because he or she already knows just how to please us sexually. So why not hit the sheets with an ex, right? Wrong! Ex sex can end up potentially causing way more harm than the orgasm was ever worth! And before we know it, we may end up hating our ex more than ever. So before deciding to go another round between the sheets with an ex, here are a few things to consider:

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1. Oxytocin is a beast! Sex conjures up all sorts of powerful feelings and it’s impossible to be immune to them. Every time we have sex with someone, there are hormones in our body that increases the bonding, pleasure and desire between us. During orgasm we secrete oxytocin which makes us feel more attached to our ex. While it may feel nice at first, it only takes a few nights of passionate sex to bring back all those old memories that can totally turn our world upside down. And besides, who wants to carry around all those emotions for someone we are no longer committed to anyway?