#PrayForLeah: Devon Still Gives Daughter Pep Talk Before Cancer Surgery

dstillWe recently reported on Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still being put on the bench by the organization so that he can still get paid while taking care of his daughter who was diagnosed with cancer.

In a more recent instagram post by Still, he is seen giving his daughter words of encouragement before her cancer surgery. A transcript of the heartwarming message is below (click on the picture above to play the video):

“I’m gonna ask you again. I’m ready for today. Are you ready for today?” he asks Leah, who unleashes a grin and nods from the backseat.
“Mhmmm,” she replies.
“You ready to get this cancer up out of you?” he asks.
“Let’s do it! Fist pump!” Click here to see what happened after the surgery

Click here to play the video

After the surgery, Devon tweeted the good news:
“After a 5hr 50min surgery the surgeon was able to remove ALL of her tumor and all of her lymph nodes and her right adrenal gland where it all started from…best news I’ve received in a long time #PrayForLeah #GodIsGood #ThanksForYourSupport,” he wrote.