NFL’s McCourty Twins Take Down Sickle Cell

According to the CDC, sickle cell disease affects as many as 100,000 people in the U.S. and occurs in nearly 1 out of every 500 African-American births. The twins were tested for sickle cell at age five because their father carried the trait. Although both tested negative, Devin shares that learning about the disease helped him to offer better support to his aunt and his uncle, who also has sickle cell disease. He encourages people who have friends and loved ones with the disease to also become more educated to offer support.

For parents raising children with sickle cell disease, Devin shares that being involved with sports doesn’t have to be off limits. “If you can’t play, it doesn’t mean you can’t be involved, or it doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it. Whether that’s going and being on a team and being a player/assistant coach for the team and learning about whatever sport it is.” Sickle disease doesn’t have to sideline children; they just have to move at their own pace.

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In recognition of Sickle Cell Awareness Month, the McCourty twins released a new PSA video that you can check out above. If you would like to join the fight to tackle sickle cell, visit their website, donate blood at a local drive and continue to spread awareness that sickle cell disease affects more people than we may think.


Visit the Sickle Cell Anemia center for more articles. 

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