Post Pregnancy Bounce Back: How Soon Is Too Soon?

pregnant woman on mat

In recent years as social media has become increasingly popular, countless numbers of women have taken to social networks to document the stages of their pregnancy from ultrasound beginnings to post baby-bump shrinkage. At the touch of a screen mommies-to-be and women in contemplation of starting a family can view how quickly some celebrities seem to get back to the bodies they sported before pregnancy. Celebrities also play a role. Even more recently, celebrities seem to have a quick “bounce back”  timeframe. For many this seems like a daunting task, leaving them to question how soon is too soon to shed the baby weight?

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According to medical findings, most mothers lose post baby weight by the six-month mark, but if this is the case why does it seem that some women get in shape much more quickly than others? What is the appropriate amount of weight one should seek to lose on a weekly basis? On average, it is considered healthy to lose one to two pounds weekly, but if this is true, why is it that so many celebrity women seem to be able to snap back into shape so quickly?

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