What Happens After Multiple Myeloma Treatment?

senior man seriousFor most people, multiple myeloma never goes away completely. These people may get regular treatments with chemotherapy and other drugs, radiation therapy, or other therapies to try to help keep the cancer in check. Although there may be a time when they stop treatment for a time, most patients never really finish treatment. Follow up is needed for the doctor to know when to start treatment again. This can help prevent problems that can interfere with daily life.

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Follow-up care

During and after treatment, it’s very important to go to all follow-up appointments. During these visits, your doctors will ask about symptoms, examine you, and order blood tests or imaging studies such as CT scans or x-rays. Follow-up is needed to see if more treatment is needed and to check for any side effects. This is the time for you to talk to your cancer care team about any changes or problems you notice and any questions or concerns you have.

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