5 Natural Remedies For Eczema

hand applying lotionEczema. What is it? Commonly referred to as dermatitis, eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that affects about three percent of the world’s population. If you have eczema, then you know that definition doesn’t even begin to describe the burning and itching sensation you feel during flare ups. Not only is it painful and uncomfortable, but it’s also unsightly and embarrassing. So what’s a person to do? If you prefer not to use doctor-prescribed topical creams, then you’ll definitely want to give these natural alternatives a try!

1. Coconut oil

If you read our recent article, “7 Amazing Ways To Use Coconut Oil Everyday,” then you already know that the benefits of coconut oil are endless. And now, we’re giving you yet another reason to love it: Many people who suffer from eczema swear that organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil is more effective than expensive store-bought or doctor-prescribed creams. Because of its healthy vitamins and nutrients, including caprylic acid, lauric acid, and vitamins E and K, coconut oil helps to nourish your skin while decreasing itching and flaking. All hail coconut oil!

2. Aloe vera

For thousands of years, aloe vera has been used to treat wounds, burns, and other skin conditions, such as eczema. To get the best results, make a trip to your local garden center and purchase an aloe vera plant. When you bring it home, be sure to wash it thoroughly, cut one of the leaves in half, squeeze out the gel-like substance that’s inside and spread evenly onto the irritated area.

3. Sweet almond oil

Most cases of eczema tend to be caused by excessive dryness. Massaging sweet almond oil over your body before taking a warm shower or bath can prevent your skin from drying out too much. Why? Almond oil is rich in…