Nelly: “You Have To Believe In Yourself”

nelly - CopyWith a string of chart-topping hits and music industry awards, Cornell Haynes Jr, or as many would call him, Nelly, is one of the best-selling male artists in American music history.

“Self-confidence is a must. You cannot succeed in this business without self-confidence,” Nelly tells The Boombox. “Because if you don’t believe, sure nobody else will believe.”

If you take a look at Nelly’s long list of achievements throughout his 15-year career, there are plenty. From his nine-times platinum-selling album Country Grammar to the Grammy Awards for “Hot in Herre” and “Dilemma,” with Kelly Rowland, just to name a few, Nelly’s signature midwest slang and delivery is unique and loved by many.

Not being satisfied with being set for life, what pushes him to do more?

“What drives me to continuously want to grow is understanding that there’s different levels of the game, period,” the 40-year-old states. “When I watch the Jay-Zs, the Dr. Dres, the Puffs and people constantly elevating the game… and doing the same thing that I’m doing in my genre… it makes [me] want it more.”

The St. Louis native and now 42-year-old is a father and an outspoken supporter of bone marrow transplants since his sister was diagnosed and ultimately died of leukemia in 2005. Health is even more important to Nelly now and it shows. He’s been sporting a fit, buffed physique lately and he shares how he did it.

“I’ve played sports all my life,” explains Nelly. “When I played football in high school, I had to…