How To Part Your Hair For Your Face Shape

woman straight hair serious

Quickly change up your look by parting your hair differently. Most of us part our hair the same way every day, or you may opt not to part your hair at all. You may not have even realized that your new makeover is just a side part away. Now how’s that for instant gratifying transformation!

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Heart-shaped faces have wider cheeks and a middle part complements your face, but only when your hair is long. Layers and short hair will make a middle part not as flattering.This is because the cropped fringe creates a focus around the wideness of the face. A side part also is flattering, as it covers the larger forehead and cheek area, and makes the face look thinner.


A deep side part will showcase your best features. It’s up to you to decide which is your better side to display. Round faces need a curtain of hair to lengthen the shape and balance out your features.

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