13 Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges

A skillet filled with kaleWe hate to break it to you, but colds and the flu come and go in all seasons (including summer). You know what that means, right? Time to wash those hands more often and increase your vitamin C intake. Instead of grabbing that orange, which on average only contains 69.7 mg of vitamin C, you may want to consider consuming these other vitamin C-packed foods.

1. Bell peppers

Yellow bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C – 341 mg to be exact. That’s 5x more than an orange! Its red and green sisters don’t contain as much vitamin C, but at 190 mg (red) and 120 mg (green), you’re still getting 200 percent of the recommended daily intake.

 2. Kale

With one cup of this superfood containing 80.4 mg of vitamin C, what’s not to love about kale?

3. Broccoli

If broccoli isn’t really your thing, maybe this will change your mind: In addition to having cancer-fighting properties, broccoli contains 132 mg of vitamin C.


4. Papaya

The health benefits of papaya include brighter skin, stronger bones, lower cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of liver cancer and heart attacks, but wait, that’s not all! One cup of this delicious fruit delivers 88.3 mg of vitamin C.

5. Strawberries

A cup of these bad boys is packed with 84.7 mg of vitamin C. Another benefit? Strawberries can help whiten your teeth naturally.

Four bunches of cauliflower

6. Cauliflower

Rich in vitamins and minerals, one small head of cauliflower provides 127.7 mg of vitamin C. It’s also high in protein, fiber, folate and potassium.

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