For Better Sex, Keep Your Socks On

woman in bed socksDuring sexual activity couples typically strip down to their birthday suits, but there is one article of clothing you may want to rethink removing if experiencing an orgasm is on the agenda.

According to a BBC News report, a study conducted in the Netherlands to measure the differences in brain function between men and women during orgasm revealed cold feet as an inhibitor to orgasm.

When provided with socks to wear, brain scans showed 80 percent of the couples in the University of Groningen study were able to reach an orgasm in comparison to only 50 percent that were able to reach a climax without wearing socks.

Researchers found there’s a significant difference in how women and men experience sexual pleasure. While men focus on physical stimulation, the women’s ability to orgasm was linked with her comfort level internally and externally.

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According to the study, women need an environment that feels safe and secure in order for her mind to be completely focused on sexual arousal.

“If you are fearful, it is very hard to have sex. It’s very hard to let go,” said Professor Gert Holstege, a member of the research team.

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