Monica: Songstress, Wife, Mother & Scientist

(Photo credit: Instagram)

UPDATE: Singer Monica is nearly through her program as forensic science technician. This type of degree typically takes four years to complete, but it depends on your program and the amount of time you spend on your classes. If you load your schedule with work and take classes during the summers, you could finish in just three years. Monica is definitely on the fast track to finish sooner rather than later, taking night classes and studying on the road.

Monica Brown is ‘So Gone‘ off of the life she now leads! This mother, wife, producer, actress and successful R&B recording artist has recently added a new role to her repertoire. She revealed the news on Instagram earlier today, with a photo of her wearing scrubs and the following caption:

“I have other dreams and aspirations so I pursue them when my babies are asleep & my musics done!! Moral of the story #WeCanIfWeBelieve never give up on your dreams #YOUCAN #BeenAtWorkSince7yesterday #ThankGODforMyMomAndPa #ScrubsAndAMandatoryThermal #DatHawkBITIN LOL️️️ #UKnowItsColdWhenIGetThisPale LOL”

Despite the scrubs and hashtag, it appears the Grammy-winning singer is not moonlighting as a nurse. According to an update from the team over at, who reached out to her for more details, Monica confirmed:

“I’m not studying to be a nurse. I have a great respect for nurses. Especially, seeing first hand all that they do & how they selflessly give of themselves. It is mandatory that we wear scrubs in my field as well. I’ve always had an interest in forensics. In my field we focus on giving the family much needed answers and closure in the event that they lose a loved one. I enjoy helping families during one of the most difficult times in their life.