6 Ways To Make Checking Your Blood Sugar Less Painful

man glucose blood testingOne of the most painful parts about being a diabetic is having to test your blood sugar regularly, but with these six simple tips you can finally say goodbye to sore fingers!

1. Don’t prick your fingertip.

This part of the finger is actually the most sensitive because it has more nerve endings. Instead, try pricking the sides of your fingers near the nail bed for less pain.

2. Avoid using alcohol.

Applying alcohol directly onto the skin can be very drying and lead to cracking, which causes more pain. To sanitize your finger, just use a little soap and warm water.

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3. Switch it up.

Using the same finger over and over again can cause soreness. Ouch! Instead, try testing a new finger every day.

4. Never reuse your equipment.

Using your lancet multiple times causes it to become dull. The result? A more painful prick – and you don’t want that!

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