Beauty Products You Should Refrigerate

nail polish close upThere is a simple equation to the perfect product:  1. A product that works! plus 2. A product that lasts! equals a winner. We spend so much money on trying to stay beautiful, the worst that can happen is we find out our money was wasted. Most of us don’t even realize how important storage of these products is for their longevity. More specifically, temperature and the role it plays in the stability of the formula.

Here are three products you should be especially careful with and consider refrigerator storage for:

Eye cream

Most facial products need to be kept in a cool, dark place. Heat will make them less effective. The cooling of the refrigerator will also give the cream the added effect of instantly soothing the skin around the eye, while reducing the puffiness you may be experiencing.

Nail polish

The solvents found in nail polish become activated when they come in contact with heat. You can always tell when a bottle of polish has been compromised because its consistency will not be of the smooth, thick formula you are used to. The refrigerator will extend its shelf life, as well as keep your lacquer from becoming goopy.

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There are three enemies that your perfume is up against: heat, light and air. Many people make the mistake of leaving their perfume on a surface that can absorb the heat from the shower, or that is in direct contact with light. The refrigerator will help protect your fragrance from all of these things. The best part of this is that…