Kristoff St. John: “My Son Didn’t Have To Die. Hospital Could’ve Saved Him”


**UPDATE**: In 2015,Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John filed a lawsuit against the mental health facility where his 24 year-old son Julian St. John tragically committed suicide in November 2014.

In 2016, Kristoff and Julian’s mother Mia sat down with both Entertainment Tonight and the T.D. Jakes Show to discuss their son’s death and the impending lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that staff members of the La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility skipped the required mandatory check-ins and observations of Julian, who was on suicide watch. The staff also reportedly falsified documents in order to cover up the neglect.

Mia spoke on the circumstances surrounding Julian’s death:

“What we do know is he attempted suicide two and a half weeks prior to when he actually completed it and he was supposed to be on suicide watch. He was left with the very same instrument that he used to attempt suicide.”

“The county says it pays Telecare $17 million per year to contract 190 beds at La Casa. We had hoped that the facility would help him withdraw from meth and get back on his meds, and that within the year, Julian would come home – alive. But we made a fatal mistake placing our son in the care of La Casa, one of many mental health facilities in this country that contracts with state and local governments. Like many before him, Julian didn’t make it out alive. La Casa staff told us that our son, because of his suicidal behavior, would be checked every 15 minutes. Yet, a little more than six weeks after he arrived, Julian escaped from the facility by climbing the fence. When I asked management and several of the employees of La Casa how my son, who was supposed to be checked on regularly, could escape, they responded, seemingly unconcerned, “it happens.” Julian was missing for several hours before police, whom La Casa had notified, found him at a bus stop.