NMA Releases Call To Action To End HIV/AIDS In Black Community

World AIDS DayThe National Medical Association issues an Urgent Call to Action to End HIV Disease and AIDS in the African American Community today World AIDS Day December 1st, 2014 and every day that follows until HIV/AIDS is a rare occurrence in African American communities.  We commit all of our African American physicians and Call to Action each and every one of you to make this commitment with us to end the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the African American Community.

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We ask you to join us in saving the lives of those most devastated by HIV/AIDS in our community: Black Gay Men; Black Women and Black Youth. This loss of life needs to cease right now! Today! We can make this happen. We must make this happen.

We must ensure that all African Americans are tested for HIV immediately. We must ensure that all of those who test positive for HIV are rapidly connected to physicians for quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment immediately. We must ensure that HIV/AIDS prevention services targeted to African American women, African American gay and bisexual men and African American youth are aggressively expanded and coupled with HIV testing. We must ensure that every African American in the United States commits to our Call to Action.

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