Glitter: Eye Dazzle Or Danger?

glitter eye linerThere is nothing worse than something getting in your eye! Even the most micro-sized particle inside the eye will feel like a huge rock, and is painful to try and get out. With all of the beauty trends out there, ladies are making attempts to DIY many of these different makeup looks and aren’t recognizing the risks of not using the proper materials.

A bit of shimmer on the eyelid can take your look up to an entirely different level. The wrong glitter, though, can make your look a very dangerous one.

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Though it may appear to be the same, craft store glitter is most definitely NOT the same. It is cut larger and has sharper edges than the cosmetic-grade glitter. A small fleck of non-cosmetic grade glitter can not only scratch your eye, it can possibly damage it or the skin on the underside of the lid. Imagine how dangerous of a situation you could be in if you are driving and a piece of your glitter gets in your eye. This could be a formula for disaster!