10 Ways To Fight Your Sweet Tooth…And Win!

plate of sugar

Sugar is the worse substance in existence. To understand how bad sugar is for you, think about a 200-year-old skeleton and how it comes as no surprise that the teeth are still intact. In a new study out of the UK, scientists plotted average sugar intakes in various populations around the world and compared them to the levels of tooth decay.  They found people who eat little or no added sugar had little or no tooth decay.

For sugar to have the ability to rot a tooth is remarkable considering how strong calcium is.  The question I get all of time when I bash sugar is, “How do I curb my sweet tooth?”.  Will power is not the answer that anyone wants to hear. What people really want to know is a way for the desire of sugar to dissipate.

After months of research we have compiled our CF4L 10 best ways to fight you wanting sweets all day every day.

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