Little Richard: The Architect Of Rock N’ Roll

little perriman

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an interview with Rolling Stone, legendary rock n’ roll artist Little Richard admitted that, just a few months shy of his last birthday, he still has “it” as a performer despite reports that he was “clinging to his last breath.”

The death-bed rumors might have started after a troubled by sciatica and a degenerating hip caused Little Richard (born Richard Penniman) to perform only sparingly in recent years and hasn’t always managed to play up to his usual standards. In June 2012, he was forced to stop a show, telling the crowd, “Jesus, please help me – I can’t hardly breathe. It’s horrible.”

But even with that little setback, the 86-year-old Little Richard is still alive and well and kicking. “I just spoke to him today,” says William Sobel, who has represented him for 30 years. “He said, ‘You know, I want you to talk to [the press] because I’m really annoyed this thing started on Facebook. Not only is my family not