Raven Symone’: “To Lose Weight, I Stopped Stressing”

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From birth, it seemed as though Raven Symone was meant to be a star. She made her debut on The Cosby Show at age 3, and Symone says execs and advisers have been telling her to lose weight “ever since I was very young.” Still, through thick or thin, Symone-whose success exploded playing a curvy teen diva on the hit Disney Channel series That’s So Raven! – has never been ashamed of her body.

“I could look in the mirror and see me at 200 lbs. or 135 lbs. and I’m still the same person,” says the 5’3″ star, now 25. But in 2007 she decided to take a hiatus from Hollywood and focus on her health. Now, she says, “it’s great to put on clothes and not wear a girdle. And my thighs look supergood!” Adds her longtime nutritionist Philip Goglia: “Raven is lean, fit and happy.”

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Before, Symone was just frustrated. While she was working 15-hour days on the set of Raven!, “I was addicted to that Thanksgiving feeling of cleaning your plate.”

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