Q&A: Any Advice For Third Shift Workers Who Wear Contacts?

contact lenses on whiteQ: I work third shift and wear contacts. What is the best solution to wearing contacts on a third shift schedule? My eyes feel like there is dirt in them, burn, tired, puffy and red. – T. Harris

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A: My first question is are you wearing extended wear or disposable contacts? You may want to wear extended wear contacts, which you wear for 30 days at a time and then put in new lenses.  Here is a list of things you can consider if your contact lenses are uncomfortable:

Cleaning: Proper cleaning and disinfecting methods should be done regularly. Use your solutions to rub your lenses with clean fingers to remove dirt, debris and build-up. Allow your contact lenses to stay in the solution for the set amount of time required by the specific solution before putting them back in your eyes.