5 Facts About Sperm Everyone Should Know


Sperm cells carry with them the encoded DNA needed to turn a microscopic egg cell into a fully developed human being.  As small as these swimmers may be, they pack a mighty punch in the department of preserving human life. Here are five facts about sperm cells that everyone should know.

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1. They can live in a woman’s body up to five days.

Once they have entered into a woman’s body sperm cells are often forgotten, but even though their presence isn’t felt these mighty warriors can live in a woman’s body up to five days. This means that it is quite possible for a woman to become pregnant if she begins to ovulate within five days after having intercourse.

2. Each sperm cell has its own built-in protection system. 

Being able to survive within a foreign body means sperm cells have a serious guard around them to protect them from being fought off by the body’s immune system that otherwise would recognize the cells as invaders. During production, the testicles employ certain cells to surround the sperm cells with a layer of protection like a “picketed fence”.  Who knew reproduction could be so complicated?!

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