Fitness Star Helped Others Get Healthy, Now Fights For Her Life

grimesAs an established author of “Work It Out”, an impressive 22 bestselling dance and fitness videos on the market, MaDonna Grimes toured globally with her World Dance Competition while concurrently starring on two health and fitness shows for Fit TV and the Discovery Health Channel.
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She’s won honors as Miss Fitness America, Miss Fitness International, and was awarded USA National Aerobics Champion. She has hosted shows on ESPN, BET and many other networks. MaDonna proudly received the NAACP Best Choreographer for Theater Award.

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But this fitness guru and all-around positive woman was recently dealt a blow when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. According her her GoFundMe fundraising page, Madonna shares the following:

“I have spent my entire life eating healthy, exercising, drug free and promoting health. I nitched a name for myself in the fitness world by simply by living according to my true beliefs. In Febuary 2013, I was shocked to as I was informed that I inherited Colon-rectal cancer from my late grandmother. I was not sure I was hearing the words right as I was being told ‘you have a tumor’.”

MaDonna has built her brand around living well and feeling good. So when doctors diagnosed her with colorectal cancer in February, she was embarrassed. But she knew going public would save lives.

“I have to speak up and let people know. A lot of people, in fitness especially, will…

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