But Please Don’t Judge Me: Why Female Sexual Empowerment Matters

seductive black womenEvery week my inbox is met with letters from men and women seeking advice on how to improve their sex lives, and most often, women approach me with more desperation than their counterparts. The tone that surrounds the desires of these women is often one of worry because many of them don’t want to be potato sacks in the bedroom, yet many are unclear about how to improve their sexual skill.

The journey to sexual realization is an uphill trek for women due to the perception of female sexuality perpetuated by the male societal standard.

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Throughout history, female sexual pleasure has been shunned, frowned upon and has always been forbidden from being seen or experienced by women themselves—that is until the recent century. Society in Western culture is far from the archaic ways of earlier centuries that placed women in a lesser subcategory than men.

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