Roasted Leek & Lemon Linguini

Just because you’re counting calories doesn’t mean food has to be boring. Your food can still have lots of flavor and depth. It also doesn’t have to take forever in the kitchen, either. My roasted leek and lemon linguini is perfect for getting a meal on the table quickly.

Roasting the leeks is probably the hardest thing to do with this recipe and that’s super simple. We start off by cleaning the leeks and then getting them ready to roast in a hot oven. Meanwhile, we whip up the sauce – a few good ingredients is all you need…onion, garlic, good olive oil, vegetable stock, white wine and lemon zest and juice make the best sauce. We toss together with cooked linguini and the roasted leeks and serve up some toasty whole grain bread and you’ve got a winning meal on your hands.
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Roasted Leek and Lemon Linguine – 220 Calories per serving

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