Creator Of ‘Alive! With Damue’ Fitness Program On A Mission Against High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

alive with damue DVD cover

Alive! with Damue is a dynamic new health and fitness program by Damue Bagwell designed to help maintain and lower blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. The fact is that these problems affect millions of Americans today and although complications from ailments can be prevented, most people don’t know the steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many others don’t take these steps until their health is already seriously compromised.

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Damue discovered that he suffered from high blood pressure at the age of 18.  He had an unhealthy diet of fried foods and food containing high volumes of salt. Unaware that his diet and high blood pressure were a serious problem, his kidney function went down to 5%.

With Damue’s kidneys functioning so poorly he was forced to undergo dialysis. On September 6, 1993, he was blessed with a kidney from his mother.

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