Heartbreaking: 6-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide With Jump Rope


**UPDATE**: A latest investigation among youth like Kendrea found that the number of young people committing suicide by hanging or suffocation is increasing. Most notably the deaths of youth ranging from 10 – 18 nearly doubled over the past three year. The study also found the number of people using firearms decreased slightly. But firearms still accounted for the majority of deaths, at 51 percent, followed by hanging or suffocation, 34; percent; poisoning 8 percent; and other means 7 percent.

A six-year-old Minnesota girl was found hanging from a jump rope in what many believe to be an apparent suicide.

Kendrea Johnson’s body was found on December 27th, according to the Star Tribune.  She left a note after the incident with the words,  “I’m sorry.” Another note stated, “I’m sad for what I do.”

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