#WhiteCoatWednesday: Antonio Webb, M.D. Is ‘The Miracle Doctor’

… to become a physician,” the award-winning medic recalls.

“I applied three times. I got rejected my first two times around. That first time was extremely hard. I actually got off the phone with my advisor and cried, wondering why no one picked me up for medical school. I had to get back up and get back to the drawing board and work a little bit harder.”

The hard work hasn’t stopped and he’s overcoming struggles on a different level these days. Webb is the only Black orthopaedic surgery resident in his program and at the end of his 14-hour days he goes home to read and study to perfect his craft even more.

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More than being a good surgeon, Webb wants to inspire people – particularly youth from rough backgrounds just like him – and show them that success is possible and offers this advice:  “No matter what type of environment you’re from, no matter your upbringing, no matter what you’ve been through in the past, you have the opportunity to create a future for yourself as long as you work hard, put God first and continue working hard.”


To purchase Overcoming the Odds, visit http://www.antoniowebbmd.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @drwebb82.