Separation Anxiety From Your Smartphone Is Real

177783098Your phone is missing. You start to panic. You may be one of many people suffering from nomophobia (yes, that;s a real thing).

The numbers are astounding: 58% of smartphone users don’t go ONE HOUR without checking their phone. Nearly 60 percent of respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phones and 54 percent even check their phones while lying in bed. Going to church reduced that by quite a bit, but 9 percent still confessed to checking their phones during worship services. Nearly a third gaze at their screens during meals.

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According to a recent study, people suffer from separation anxiety which may impact our cognitive abilities. In simple terms, that means losing your phone equals you have consistent brain fart. Not good.

Among the key findings from this study were that when iPhone users were unable to answer their ringing iPhone during a word search puzzle, heart rate and blood pressure increased, self-reported feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness increased, and self-reported extended self and cognition decreased.