My Story: “I Would Only Rely On Heart And Guts!”

I’ve lost weight in the past doing fad diets but this time I needed to do something completely different. I needed professional help. This time I promised myself this would be a lifestyle change and I would only rely on heart and guts.

I was going to make myself uncomfortable – no gym buddy and no classes. I wanted personal training to make myself accountable.

I was completely broken when I reached out to a well-known trainer in my area, Darnell Jones of Kingdom Fitness Center. I prayed that God would give him the patience to deal with me and through this process I would love myself again. I was ready to own my faults and commit to fixing them.

Before my consultation I told myself I would never question his expertise, his weight goals for me, his food plan and I was not going to quit! Within the first six months I lost 100 lbs!

catrice during

Today my world consists of food prepping, clean eating and a lot of training. As of January 2015, I’m down 154 lbs and still working to hit my goal.

catrice meal prep


This is a lifestyle change so I don’t look at tomorrow or yesterday, I only focus on today. My story is still being written and I thank God for everything I‘ve endured on this journey. I believe that things happen all in His timing.

Once you #OWNIT, you can #CHANGEIT.

Much love and Blessings! ~ Catrice

catrice selfie


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