What To Do When Your Multiple Myeloma Treatment Stops Working

senior man close upAs if it’s not hard enough already to live with multiple myeloma (MM), imagine how frustrating it is to find out from your doctor that your cancer has returned even after undergoing treatment?

If you’ve already been through treatment and your cancer has returned, it could be possible that it’s time to try something different, but what do you do when multiple treatments aren’t working?

Your doctor may recommend new options, but at some point, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself and understand that further treatment may not improve your condition or change your outcome.

But, if you do want to continue trying different treatment plans, it’s important to weigh the possible risks and side effects with any benefits before moving forward.

One type of treatment is palliative care, which helps to relieve symptoms, such as nausea and pain, but it doesn’t cure MM. It can be given along with cancer treatment, or it can be used as cancer treatment alone.