Love Below: 4 Things To Keep Away From Your Vagina

whip cream

What sits between a woman’s legs is the most powerful organ known to man. Not only does it have the ability to accommodate an object the size of an eight pound baby and shrink back down to its original state, but it also has the ability to clean and self heal. The vagina is a resilient organ capable of not only bearing life, but also capable of bringing erotic pleasure and deepening a spiritual bond between two people.

As strong and self-sufficient as the vagina is, there is an art to caring for its delicate ecosystem. There are several things that could throw off the slightly acidic pH of the vagina and these things should be avoided to maintain a healthy and happy vagina.


Feminine deodorant spray, powders and other scented feminine hygiene products contain fragrances that can irritate the bacteria living within the vagina and create an imbalance. When the ecosystem of good and bad bacteria is disturbed, vaginal pH is thrown off and infection can occur (common infections are bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections). Every woman has a natural smell “down there” so it should be embraced instead of covered. If a pungent or fishy smell is present, please understand that this isn’t normal and is something that should be checked by a doctor.  Also, we are what we eat, and sometimes foods with strong odors can filter down to the vagina. Eating a clean diet, drinking plenty of water and wearing cotton panties can help with maintaining a balanced vagina.

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Sugar-filled toppings

Some people may choose to get creative in the bedroom by bringing in foods during foreplay, but the worst thing one can do is allow whipped cream, cherries, strawberries or sugar-filled toppings near the vagina. Sugar can cause yeast to grow out of control, creating an unpleasant pH level that will result in a yeast infection.  It’s completely acceptable to use these condiments and foods in the bedroom, but keeping them away from the genitals is recommended. If you want to experiment with these foods during oral sex, simply use condoms or plastic wrap to cover the genitals.

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Flavored condoms

Flavored condoms are great to use during oral sex, but using them in the vagina isn’t recommended. These condoms are…

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