Teen Goes Undergoes First Ever Penis Reduction

doctors in surgeryWhile many men are finding out ways to make their’s bigger and millions of dollars are spent on infomercials claiming ways to add inches, one teen has undergone the world’s first penis reduction according to a recent report by University of South Florida urologists.

The case was published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine back in November but is just getting press now because of its coverage by The Daily Mail on February 12.

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An unidentified 17-year-old boy with sickle cell disease had three episodes of priapism beginning at age 10. Priapism is the potentially dangerous condition of a continued penile erection in the absence of sexual stimulation and/or following orgasm. When erectile dysfunction drug commercials advise the user to seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than four hours, they are referring to priapism.

In this boy’s case, each instance of prolonged reduction in blood circulation caused a serious lack of oxygenation in the surrounding penile tissues, called the corpus cavernosum. His penis began to progressively grow fibrous tissue in response to these episodes, with substantial enlargement and deformity.