Caffeine For Thinning Hair

coffee beans on whiteSay it ain’t so! Is it true, caffeine can do more than give you a reason to not run everyone over in the morning? Well, you may be surprised that there are scientific findings that suggest that yes, caffeine can be more than just your daily pick me up! There is research surrounding the idea of caffeine addressing a serious issue of thinning hair through the promotion of re-growth.

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Science has shown that caffeine-treated hair follicles saw hair growth production increases of up to 25%. According to Tobias U. Fischer, a dermatologist at the University of Lübeck in Germany connected to the study, “Caffeine activates a growth factor that helps prevent hair cells from dying or going into a dormant state.”

Now, before you go upping your Starbucks addiction, you may like to know it’s not as simple as drinking more or dousing your hair with coffee! There are special formulated treatments that your hair would have to go through in order to see the results of this phenomenon.