Use Sexual Energy To Increase Your Success

woman in bedThroughout history sex has been used as a tool of influence and power by individuals who desire personal gain and in the eyes of many using sex in this way is morally incorrect. As taboo as it may seem to many for a man or a woman to “sleep their way to the top” there is a way for an individual to use the sexual energy contained within themselves to gain anything the mind can think up.

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Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in existence and it forever flows throughout all living things. It is manipulated in moments of ecstasy to create life, but beyond procreation sexual energy can be used to gain success in various areas of life.

Where “sleeping your way to the top” may not be the most favorable of options for those who morally stand against using sex as a means of persuasion, an individual can use solo sex (masturbation) or sex with his or her partner to accelerate the laws of attraction. Joel Olsteen, Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith have all gone on record to speak in depth about the law of attraction and how it can be used to bring success to one’s life.

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