Cyber Bullying: 3 Ways To Protect Your Child

As a new parent, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the smile of my little girl. So as a family, we take pictures of her, take video of all her firsts (first steps, first words, etc). We literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all her most precious moments. And with the easiness of social media, we don’t have to wait to share them with all of her extended family–just one quick post and they can all see it. Sounds like a great way to have family and friends share in on precious memories right?

However, when Kyra Pringle decided to share a photo of her daughter, who has a rare Chromosome 2 Duplication and she became a meme, it brought to light how many people abuse social media and can really be cruel.

Then you have a fight video that was posted of Ashawnty Davis, a 10-year-old who later killed herself after being teased from the video. Or recently another 16-year-old who also took her own life after a leaked nude picture of her was making its way around her school.

Unfortunately, when we share, we open ourselves up to both the good and the bad that social media has to offer. It’s literally the world that is watching. And within the world, as you know, there are some people who just don’t care, will take advantage of you, and those who just downright don’t like you.

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If you choose to share via social media, do it as safely as you can but understand the risk involved, even with sharing among people that you know. Here are 3 tips:

1. Use a watermark. A watermark on all your pictures can prevent or at least deter someone from using your pictures.  It could be your family name, your favorite saying or some sort of visible and recognizeable background image that would be good to see.

2. Make your pics private. Social media privacy settings are always changing (you know those long agreements that none of us ever reads, but we click “OK” anyway), so you need to make sure that your pictures are set to private.
**PLEASE NOTE**: sometimes your privacy settings are different on your mobile device and your laptop, so be sure to check that both are set to “private.”

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