My Story: “Your Thirties Is Not The End, It’s The Beginning”


We’ve all heard of how “Black don’t crack” but we’ve seen plenty of people who look a lot older than they are. What can really be done to ensure that you live longer? Meet Meleneal, who will be 53-years-old in 2015 (yes, she is in her 50’s in the picture above). She one day decided to get serious about her health and her life. Here’s an excerpt of our conversation and what she did.

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1.) What made you decide to get healthy?

My passion for good health is not only to help myself but to help others also. It is true that as you get older if you don’t take good care of your health, it will eventually catch up with you and it was catching up with me. Ten years ago in my early forties, I was becoming more tired, had more body aches, I could even tell my immune system was suffering. I took note and made some serious changes in my eating habits, nutritional supplementation and exercise. Because it has helped me so tremendously, I want to be able to share and demonstrate what I’ve learned with family, friends and others. Its not about a pursuit of beauty, youth, or the hottest body for me, it’s about a pursuit of health and of course that brings with it the residuals of lasting vitality and good looks. It still bothers me that there is this false belief, especially in our community, that when you get in your thirties your health begins to decline and take a turn for the worst. Many have been sold that bad health is synonymous with getting old and that there’s not much you can do about it.

Over the years, I’ve watched many of the people I love lose their quality of life because they didn’t understand that a healthy lifestyle could have benefited them so much. I made a decision to live my healthiest life possible because good health is linked to everything. It is linked to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being as well as our ability to enjoy opportunities and blessings to our fullest. I also want to pass these principles down to my children, grandchildren and hopefully their posterity.

2.) What have you changed in order to live healthy?

Firstly, I prayed for wisdom on health because there are millions of perspectives on getting healthy and it occurred to me that even with all the information that exists, our culture seems to be getting increasingly unhealthy so I needed to know what would surely work. I knew I could trust God for answers. I began to teach myself about nutrition at the cellular level and the importance of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids and how the balanced synergy of these components were vital to good health.

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Secondly, I got a revelation that stress really is a killer. It affects your mental and physical health at least equally if not more. I began to take a serious assessment of my relationships in general. I made a decision to make stress management just as important as good eating habits and made some needed adjustments for the sake of my health. Joy and peace are integral to good health.