Tips When Exercising On Your Period

Whether you are a beginner or an avid fitness freak, the last thing you want is your workout session to be hindered by your menstrual period. On the other hand, women who engage in moderate exercise during their periods report feeling better and having hassle-free periods. Exercise is also an excellent pick me up  for knocking out the PMS symptoms such as blues like mood swings, depression and the dreaded bloating.

Here are some tips on getting the best out of your fitness routine during your periods.

Exercise Tips While Menstruating

Take a Painkiller

If you have to go to the gym, pop a mild painkiller like aspirin and go for your workout. Start slowly by doing a warm up or a slight jog on the treadmill. Gradually your pain will subside and the cramps will seem minimal. Exercise is said to enhance blood flow to the pelvic region, which helps to reduce cramping pain women experience during their menses.

Be Kind to your Body

Some women are not very fortunate and have to undergo very painful periods with heavy bleeding especially on the first two days. Exercising or gymming may not be an option. Either take a day off or try some gentle stretching ad yoga, which will calm you without exerting your body. Tune in to your bodily cues and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Wear a Tampon

Many women experience discomfort and rashes on their legs with the use of sanitary pads especially on the first two days of their period. This is true especially if you are engaged in vigorous sports. In such cases, it is best to just wear a tampon which is a hassle-free way of dealing with the bleeding and yet enjoying your workout. Most swimming athletes wear tampons during swimming practice.

Use Thin Absorbent Pads

With technology, many companies are coming out with super thin and soft pads that really absorb the blood well. They also do not stain your underwear or cause rashes.

Try out different brands to see what suits you. You can wear these pads during your workout without a worry in the world or fretting over whether you will stain yourself.

Refrain from Stomach Crunches

Just to be on the safer side, avoid doing stomach crunches or sit-ups if your bleeding is very heavy or you are cramping badly. Doing crunches can make matters worse and exacerbate your discomfort. Just go for a moderately brisk walk and combine it with some gentle stretching.

Do Low Intensity Workouts

Your energy levels drop during your periods because you burn an additional 300 calories during your period. There is simply no point in overexerting yourself. Just opt for a low intensity workout at least for the first two days of your period when you are likely to feel your lowest.

Do What you Enjoy Doing

Working out in a stuffy and claustrophobic room, which is packed, with gym goers and sweaty bodies may not be a great way of staying in shape especially if you are already feeling uncomfortable with your period. Just think outside the box and engage in a mild activity like going for a walk in the rain or a hike in the woods. Catch some fresh air, which will soothe your nerves.

Wear Dark Clothes

If the idea of staining bothers you, wear dark clothes just to be on the safer side. Dark underwear and dark track pants will disguise small stains and you will be unaffected by it.

Exercise to Feel Better

Staying at home all day is likely to make you irritable, moody and depressed. Instead, go and hit the gym. Not only will you meet like-minded people but also your exercise schedule will keep fatigue and depression at bay.

Stay Hydrated

Along with blood, you will also lose a lot of bodily fluids, hence, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water during and after your routine.

Exercise in PrivateIf you are feeling way too embarrassed, it would be a good idea to just exercise in private. Put a home exercise video tape and exercise within the privacy of your home.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Make sure you wear a well fitting sports bra during your periods especially if your breasts are feeling achy, swollen and tender which is a common PMS complaint amongst women. Wearing the right bra will give good support to your swollen breasts. Similarly wear loose tracks and t-shirts especially if you are suffering from water retention. You may not even like the look of your bloated body in tight leotards or a racer back tank. Dress comfortably during your period.

Avoid Exercises that Make You Upside Down

Do not try reverse crunches or upside down yoga positions. These are not considered good for menstruating women as they cause the blood to flow back into the uterus rather than be expelled from the vagina.

Take it Easy

Listen to your body. If exercising is increasing your discomfort or causing the bleeding to become very heavy, stop immediately. Your body will thank you for it. You will be foolhardy to exercise during peak moments of discomfort. Take a day or two off from your gym routine.

Get back to exercising once the period stops or becomes less. If you are athlete, missing an important workout may not be an option. In such cases, take a strong painkiller before you set out for your exercise class. This should help you to sail through your exercise class.

Speak to Your Doctor

If you are suffering from a medical problem like fibroids or endometriosis, which is causing bleeding, it is wise to check with your doctor about whether you should be exercising at all. The doctor will either ask you to completely refrain or put you on a modified schedule, which will be easy on your body and will not harm you in any way. Do not be fool hardy especially when there is an associated physical affliction.

With the above tips, you should be able to easily and effortlessly exercise during your periods.


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