Why Your Mascara Brush Matters

woman with mascara

What if I told you that although your mascara formula is important, what truly makes a difference in your mascara application is the brush? The shape, size, bristles and wand, they all play a huge role in your lash beautifying outcome. With the wrong brush you can end up with a clumped lash mess, looking like you have less lashes than you began with.

Eye makeup is especially vulnerable to bacteria, so start here when reviewing your makeup cache for expiration dates.

Health risks: “You use mascara near your eyes, it’s liquid — which tends to grow more bacteria — and you double dip every time you re-insert the brush into the tube, all of which increase the risk of eye infection,” Dr. Wu explains.
When to replace: “Mascara has the shortest shelf life of all beauty products and should be discarded two to three months after opening,” Wu says. Eye pencils have a longer shelf life — about a year — but old stubby pencils should be tossed out and replaced.
How to make it last: One of the best ways to extend an eye pencil’s useful time is to sharpen it before each use

Here’s a wand break down to help keep your lashes looking picture perfect each and every time:

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1. Dual Sided

This applicator offers the best of both worlds. The brush side allows you to apply the formula on to the lashes with the perfect amount, and the comb side gives you an easy way to pull apart lashes that are beginning to clump together.