In & Out: The 10-Minute Laser Facial

woman at spa facial

There is a new facial treatment that’s all the buzz (pun intended). The 10-minute express beauty treatment is a two-part laser facial cleansing. Salons like Skin Laundry in LA offer the signature service that combines a YAG laser with an IPL light to cleanse deep down in your skin. It essentially vaporizes dirt and bacteria from the pores leaving your fresh face well…fresh!

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For Skin Laundry co-founder Chris Carey, the inspiration to create the medically-approved skincare hotspot was pretty simple. “We knew we would have a good chance at success if we could combine an effective and affordable facial treatment for people on the go, with a cool and comfortable atmosphere,” Carey said in an interview with Birchbox. 

The express facial promises to give you pore-less, clear skin. The YAG laser is mild and penetrates about 2.5 millimeters below the surface of your skin, to the dermis, breaking up pigment, reducing oil gland size, vaporizing dirt and stimulating collagen production.

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It is said to be uncomfortable, but not painful, and the burning of the impurities in your skin gives off somewhat of a foul smell. After the laser is done, a cool gel is rubbed all over your face, and then the IPL light is used. This helps to remove inflammation, smoothing out broken capillaries, and overall polishing the surface of the face. One treatment wipes away a weeks worth of buildup!