From Shaming To Surgery: Stop Looking For The “Picture Perfect” Vulva

woman full body below neck

It never fails. Each day that I choose to casually scroll down my social media profiles I am bombarded with a dozen memes at a time, varying from messages serving as comic relief from a stressful day to food porn used to stimulate my inner glutton. Beyond these pg-13 posts, however, are the memes dedicated to sexuality and the leaked (or purposefully placed) nudes of both men and women.

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A display of a nude body isn’t as much taboo now as it was say 15 years ago, but when it comes to the displaying of genitals that’s left up for discussion. When what’s between a woman’s legs is displayed, conversation typically borders along the lines of offensive, as countless amounts of viewers scrutinize the vulva – from inner labia to outer labia.

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