What’s Your Hi.Q? Free App Let’s You Quiz Your Way To Better Health

A woman looking at a fitness gadget

We all do it. The New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds. The promise to get in shape this year, eat better, smarter and get healthy. Not many of us succeed. We need some help. That’s why Hi.Q is the “App of the Week.”

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Hi.Q is an inquisitive app with 10,000 questions covering 300 topics about health and fitness. It is designed to get you healthy by educating you. To start using the app, you answer 30 preliminary questions that cover your basic nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. As you become accustomed to it you can start taking quizzes on the topic of the day. You can also examine more niche subjects like the Paleo diet, heart disease or running.

With the frightening obesity epidemic among Americans and disproportionate numbers among African Americans we really need to improve our eating habits. We need to become more aware of what we are doing to ourselves. African Americans consume more fast food than any other race. Top that with our traditional ethnic diet and we have a problem.