The “S” On My Chest Is for Self-Care, Not Superwoman

Here are a few telling ways:

1. When you lack the desire to do anything pleasurable.

2. You feel so emotionally bad that you can’t talk about it without feeling bad or crying or becoming angry about it.

3. When you sleep more hours than you’re used to sleeping or you can’t seem to sleep at all.

4. When you lose the desire to engage with others and you isolate yourself from the world.

5. When you notice bodily changes such as weight gain or significant weight loss for inexplicable reasons. There are other signs as well but those hold true to most people who are depressed.

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If culturally African American women were given room to be considered as diverse as we are and society allowed women of color to be viewed as a more dynamic group of people as many of us know ourselves to be, we would be much more advanced in the treatment of disorders and prevention than we are.

We would also probably take off the “S” from the chests that many Black women wear trying to save face while also saving the world.

I won’t say I think this is a conversation we should all have, but rather it is the conversation to have. I advise us to start today.


Asha TarryAsha Tarry, LMSW, PLLC is a Mental Health Specialist, Life Coach and Owner of Behavioral Health Consulting Services (, a mental health company that provides consultations, evaluations, referrals and life coaching to adults 18 years and older with mental health and social services’ needs. Follow her @ashtarry on Twitter/ Asha Tarry on Facebook and LinkedIN. For a FREE consultation with Asha, click here. 


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