“I Thought I Was The Only One…”: 5 Strange But Common Period Symptoms

woman sitting on bed pain

Being a woman is not easy! In fact, that’s an understatement. From childbirth to walking around all day long in six-inch heels, it’s pretty needless to say we go through a lot of pain in our day-to-day lives. But, out of all the pain we experience, menstrual cramps can easily top the list. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only side effect of the menstruation cycle. Here are five common, but unusual, symptoms many women experience during that time of the month.

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1. Waxing is extra painful

If you’ve ever had any type of waxing, whether it’s your brows, above the lip or the bikini area, then you should know that the absolute worst time to book your appointment is the week before or during your period. Why? A woman’s pain receptors are much more active during her menstrual cycle. Also, during your cycle, your testosterone levels are all over the place so you may notice more hair growth than normal. For that reason alone, it’s best to just wait the following week to get your wax on.

2. Difficulty concentrating

Does focusing on the task in front of you feel like a job within itself? If so, you’re not alone. Your cycle can affect neurotransmitters in your brain, making it harder to focus, even on the smallest tasks.