One Dead, 20 Sick After Church Potluck

…containing the toxin is eaten. Infant botulism happens when the bacteria develops in the intestines and releases toxin. Typically this only happens in children less than six months of age as after that protective mechanisms develop. Wound botulism is found most often among those who inject street drugs. In this situation spores enter a wound and, in the absence of oxygen, release toxin. It is not passed directly between people. The diagnosis is confirmed by finding the toxin or bacteria in the person in question.

Prevention is primarily by proper food preparation. The toxin is destroyed by heating to more than 85 °C (185 °F) for longer than 5 minutes.

Just remember, this summer or whenever you go this summer, if the food doesn’t look like it’s been prepared or being refrigerated properly, don’t eat it.  It’s not worth your life.