Exclusive Q&A With ‘The Hip Hop Doc’: “Changing Your Family’s Health Legacy Starts With YOU!”

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April is Minority Health Month, a time where we focus on acknowledging, improving and providing resources geared toward better health. Recently, BlackDoctor.org teamed up with the American Heart Association’s Empowered to Serve campaign and “The Hip Hop Doc” Dr. Whitfield to offer an exclusive Facebook chat on “10 Steps To Becoming A Health Change Agent”.

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BDO: What are the top cardiovascular health issues that affect my community? How can we improve this?

Dr. W: Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity are the top cardiovascular health issues that affect our community today. We can improve ourselves with by raising awareness in our communities as many people are oblivious to them unless they are affected by them directly.

BDO: What are the qualities of a change agent? 

Dr. W:

    • A Change Agent should be patient but very persistent.
    • A Change Agent should have the ability to build strong relationships with those they work with others.
    • A Change Agent Should be comfortable asking tough questions.
    • A Change Agent is someone that should have there own vision.

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