Bantu Knots: Styles, Tips & Tricks

FullSizeRender 6Bantu knots, if done properly, can make for a very pretty and easy hairstyle during the warm months. Follow these steps and tips below, and you will surely be on your way to your newest favorite go-to natural hairstyle!

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How To

Step 1: Section hair into squares or triangles using fingers or comb. The smaller the section, the curlier the hair will be.

Step 2: Apply curling cream, pomade, butter or whatever setting product you choose (Avoid being too generous with product, but make sure to apply evenly).

Step 3: Detangle hair.

Step 4: Once you have your hair sectioned off the way you want it, twirl the hair and then roll it around itself.

Step 5: Use a bobby pin to secure.

Step 6: Let hair sit for several hours, preferably overnight.

Step 7: Gently unravel the knots the next morning.

Step 8: Separate coils to your desired liking.

Step 9: Use your fingers or a pick to lift roots and fluff out hair, giving it volume.

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