The Case For More Black Sex Positivity

A ladies hand across a mans stomach contributing writer and sextpert Tyomi gets the conversation started about the need for more acceptance of sexual diversity in the Black community. It’s time we pull back the sheets…

I’m a sex and relationship writer and on average my day consists of searching the Internet for new developments in sexuality and gathering interesting topics to share with the masses about how to live out full and healthy sex lives.  During my daily Web surfing, I often come across message threads heavily populated with “brothers and sisters” that appear enthusiastic about engaging in discussing topics about sexuality, but I am disappointed every time I read through the comments and become aware of  people’s sexual knowledge. It makes me realize that I have much more work to do in bringing sexual awareness to the Black community as a whole.

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There are a number of areas within sexuality that need to be remedied in our community, but the simplest thing we can do before moving into becoming better lovers is to expand our education about sexuality. In general, we all know experience to be the best teacher, but when one’s experiences have been completely vanilla (traditional) in expression one tends to negatively judge and dismiss sexual expressions that fall outside of their awareness.

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