Patti LaBelle: Just Keeps Getting Better With Time

… still something that I think about each and every day. I believe in everything in moderation, so now I just have one chicken leg instead of having three or four pieces.  That’s my little guilty pleasure that I give to myself

BDO: If you could tell somethings to the next generation of young women what would it be?

Patti: Class goes a long way.  We need to get back to that.  Get back to women having a certain level of class about them. We don’t see that much nowadays like we used to. I miss that about this generation of young women.

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BDO: What’s next for Patti?
Patti: From events with Dancing With the Stars, concerts, tours, I’m definitely keeping busy. God has blessed me with the opportunity to share with the world and I love it.  I’m proud of my son and what he has become and just thankful for years past and whatever God has planned for me.


(*Raises a glass*) Here’s to you Patti! Wishing you many, many more birthdays!


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