3 Organizations Working To Change The Face Of HIV/AIDS

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How much do you really know about HIV/AIDS? Did you know that more than one million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Here’s some more food for thought: 1 out of 7 people living with HIV don’t even know they have the virus.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that AIDS was discovered 32 years ago yet so many misconceptions about the virus still exist in 2015. Furthermore, it’s difficult to fathom that African Americans are the racial group most affected by HIV, according to the CDC.

The following organizations are working around the clock to make sure that people, particularly African Americans, are educated on how to prevent HIV/AIDS while helping those who are already living with HIV/AIDS live a long, healthy, normal life.

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 1. SisterLove, Inc.


This 26-year-old, Atlanta-based nonprofit focuses on preventing HIV/AIDS among African-American women by placing heavy emphasis on education in a judgement-free environment. Additionally, SisterLove, Inc. offers free testing and counseling. Every year, the organization holds its “2020 Leading Women’s Society Awards and Leadership Institute” event. The purpose is to raise money while honoring 20 women, who’ve been living with HIV for 20 years but still find the time to make a difference in their communities as leaders. To learn more about SisterLove, Inc., click here.

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