How To Manage The Menopause Symptoms You Really Don’t Like Talking About

3. Sleep issues, such as insomnia

“Sleep is frequently interrupted by night time hot flashes. Wearing breathable night garments will help you tolerate the body temperature swings that disturb sleep. Exercise also helps reduce hot flashes and also increase the secretion of endorphins from the brain, which promotes a sense of wellbeing. Melatonin, a sleep aid that’s available over the counter may also help you get more sleep.”

4. Vaginal dryness

“Use a water-based lubrication, such as K-Y jelly during intercourse. Still, nothing works better for vaginal dryness than estrogen. When safe to use, there are vaginal formulations of estrogen as creams and rings that help alleviate vaginal dryness.”

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5. Bone loss

“Make sure to do weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and aerobics to keep the bones strong and dense. Eating calcium-rich foods, such as fish and using calcium with vitamin D supplements will also help prevent bone loss.”

6. Loss of sexual desire/libido

“It’s advisable to first correct the underlying cause of low libido, such as painful intercourse from vaginal dryness and treating the moodiness and irritability. When menopausal women have a sense of wellbeing, their libido usually returns. Exercise, healthy diet and sleep also help with maintaining libido. Use of low dose testosterone – usually in the form of creams – has been helpful for improved libido in some women.”


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